What is Counselling?

Sometimes when going through a difficult time it can be easier to talk to someone who doesn't know you, won’t judge you or tell you what to do.

The counselling relationship is confidential and gives you the space to say things you may not usually feel comfortable saying for fear of being judged or upsetting loved ones. 

You may not completely understand the way you are feeling, and you may find it useful having someone to guide you through an exploration of your feelings and thoughts.

It is important for you as the client to feel safe, in a trusting, honest and supportive relationship with your counsellor. The strength of the relationship itself is essential for the counselling process and for this reason it is really important that you find the right counsellor for you.

Counselling can help with: relationship problems, anxiety, depression, bereavement, low self esteem, eating disorders, self harming, work related worries, stress, trauma, divorce, poor health, anger.

Counselling is not just about listening, or about giving advice. The counselling relationship provides a secure base from which you can explore difficult feelings, experiment with different ways of being and start to make changes or work towards goals.

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